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As the broker for Century 21 Advantage, I get many questions about social media from our agents.  I Also get questions from agents entering the business asking about social media.

We have some tools and experience with Social Media to assist agents in our office. 

If you're not getting that level of support at your brokerage, give us a call.

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While it looks more like winter out there lately in Red Deer and Central Alberta it is still "fall".  The kids all went back to school so the summer rush to get settled is over, so what's happening out there in the Red Deer Real Estate Market?

Well, sales slowed down a little.  The winter weather came early and when that happens, fewer people feel like looking at homes.  We tend to shift to "stay warm and hibernate mode".

So the dent or decline in available listings didn't really occur.  Active listing inventory is still higher than in recent years.  If you're buying today, there are plenty of homes to choose from.  Buyers today continue to have the luxury of options, and with that comes an improved negotiating position.


Yes, we still

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the long weekend with your family and friends.  While it might be light for open houses this weekend, we always have agents ready to help you find your next home, and YES we work holidays. 

Happy Thanksgiving From Century 21 Advantage



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As we near the end of August,m we're reflecting on the positive surge in sales volume on our MLS® system that was reported for Red Deer in July 2018.  We've noticed some improvements in weekly numbers.  Currently, we're cautiously optimistic.  2018 has been a relatively flat year, with little gains over 2017, to finish strong would be welcomed.

Driving around Red Deer, there is no shortage of commercial projects on the go, so it's just a matter of time for some that income to trickle down into buying power.  While the Oil & Gas sector seems stable, everyone is waiting for growth there, which really fires things up.  Until then, have a look at how well Red Deer MLS® has been performing.  If you have any question on the real estate market, your area, or

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June Red Deer MLS Sales

June 2018 was not a stand out month compared to previous June's.  Sales were almost identical compared to last year.

How many showings clients are getting and inquiries on their home does vary by price range. The higher the price, the lower the demand, and as you can see above, some price ranges had little or no activity for Sales (Red Deer Residential MLS® Stats).  The most active price range was $300,000 - $350,000.


The sales numbers reported to the Central Alberta REALTORS® Association also highlight that Single Family Detached homes (House) in Red Deer remain the most popular.  Apartment style condos are not at the same level of demand as larger urban centers.

The preference for Single Family homes is also evident when

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How's the market?

Should I buy now or wait?

Should I sell now or wait?

If you missed our economic update event, we brought in ATB Financial's chief economist and he stated that we are in recovery mode.  We have emerged from the recession and slowly climbing, overall Alberta economy wise.  So that is a positive indicator that the worst is behind us.  Anecdotally the mood, the feel, the vibe in Red Deer and surrounding area is more positive and we the people on the street tend to echo that sentiment.  Things are looking up.

Real Estate market, March marked the fourth consecutive month of year over year sales growth.  More people are buying than last year.  Another positive indicator.  In fact for the City of Red Deer, MLS® residential home sales

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Our second Red Deer Economic Update is coming up on April 11th.  

Once again we are bringing ATB Financial's Chief Economist Todd Hirsch to discuss the economy in Alberta, and what homeowners, home buyers, and business owners/investors might see in 2018 and beyond.  There is a general sense that the overall economy is improving.  Is this backed up and factual?  What sort of growth might we anticipate if any at all?

As a homeowner, you might be concerned with maintaining your equity, and retirement goals with real estate.  We will strive to answer real estate related questions when it comes to Red Der & area.  Patrick Galesloot, Broker & Owner of Century 21 Advantage will open the information session with a look at the local real estate market. 

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February 2018 Red Deer real estate market continues positive sales trend.  There were 98 Sales reported for the month of February 2018. This was 17% higher than the sales volume reported last February.  17%!!

February MLS® Sales for Red Deer

So, Why Isn’t My House Selling?

Let’s take a look at the market before we analyze your home specifically.  Let's break down the sales volume compared to new listings for February 2018.  Also known as “supply & demand”.

“There are a lot of homes for sale”.  Yes, there is. The Gold lines are the “supply” side of real estate inventory, more specifically the number of new listings added, and the Black lines represent the sales reported to our MLS® board for February 2018.

In total there were 98 sales reported and 238 new listings

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You've priced your home to sell, and wondering what's happening out there in the market.  The supply and demand for real estate vary by location, property type, and price range.  Yes price range.  What's happening in your price range?

The average price and median price for real estate is usually a function of income.  Our incomes can only support a mortgage so big.  There are plenty of mortgage calculators out there to assist you in determining "how much mortgage can I afford".  This average is true in Red Deer, AB.  Not so much in a Toronto or Vancouver market.  The sales volume by price range is reflective of the income levels in the area.  For a good affordability calculator check out his one.

Looking at the MLS® sales data for January 2018. 

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 Listing your home for sale involves a lot of preparation, and planning.  Many of our clients are seeking to move up (get a bigger home for their growing family) which involves finding the right home or building.

One of the key factors for any sale is, "how long does it take?".

Perhaps you will be surprised, but the average time a property takes to sell varies by location, and property type.  Currently, in Red Deer AB a single family detached home (a house) is the quickest when it comes to putting a "Sold" sign up.  The average for a house in Red Deer is 53 days.  By contrast, the average for an apartment style condo was 80 days.

Average Days Top Sell On MLS®, provided by Century 21 Advantage

These benchmarks change throughout the year, and will also vary by age, location and community.  We recommend that

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