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You've priced your home to sell, and wondering what's happening out there in the market.  The supply and demand for real estate vary by location, property type, and price range.  Yes price range.  What's happening in your price range?

The average price and median price for real estate is usually a function of income.  Our incomes can only support a mortgage so big.  There are plenty of mortgage calculators out there to assist you in determining "how much mortgage can I afford".  This average is true in Red Deer, AB.  Not so much in a Toronto or Vancouver market.  The sales volume by price range is reflective of the income levels in the area.  For a good affordability calculator check out his one.

Looking at the MLS® sales data for January 2018. 

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 Listing your home for sale involves a lot of preparation, and planning.  Many of our clients are seeking to move up (get a bigger home for their growing family) which involves finding the right home or building.

One of the key factors for any sale is, "how long does it take?".

Perhaps you will be surprised, but the average time a property takes to sell varies by location, and property type.  Currently, in Red Deer AB a single family detached home (a house) is the quickest when it comes to putting a "Sold" sign up.  The average for a house in Red Deer is 53 days.  By contrast, the average for an apartment style condo was 80 days.

Average Days Top Sell On MLS®, provided by Century 21 Advantage

These benchmarks change throughout the year, and will also vary by age, location and community.  We recommend that

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The short answer is yes!  Yes, the residential real estate market in Red Deer is improving.In fact, the sales volume January 2018 increased 35% over January 2017.

Now typically January is one of the quietest months of the year.  Not a lot of house hunting going on when the weather is -30C.  Fortunately, despite the inclement weather, there were more home shoppers this year than the previous 3 years (January over January).  WE're cautious to state this is a trend, but we're pleased and optimistic that this is a start of a new trend in Red Deer.

January Red Deer MLS Sales Graphic by Century 21 Advantage

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